A Cake To Die For – Strawberry & Watermelon Cake

We got Doris, a prolific home-baker to try and recreate the Strawberry & Watermelon Cake inspired by the Black Star Pastry in Sydney.

Doris, who holds a full time job by day, spends her free time baking for friends and family.  She is married, with two boys, and attributes her supportive family as her inspiration to bake. What gives her the most satisfaction are the people who appreciate and enjoy her bakes. Needless to say, we know who she is talking about. We especially love her nougat swiss rolls which we got a chance to taste last Christmas at a Drool Christmas party! Another variation would be her old school buttercream cakes with a variety of interesting toppings that includes cheddar cheese. What was special about the cakes was its super light, soft and fluffy texture which remains soft even after you put it in the fridge overnight! Oh, and why are we digressing here? Back to the cake that we got Doris to create specially for our Drool friends today.

Everyone would have heard of the famous Watermelon Cake by Black Star Pastry from Sydney. Unfortunately they are not available here in Singapore yet although we have several cafes offering their own version here in Singapore. We got a taste of the real deal when they came to Singapore a couple of months ago at the special pop-up brunch event organized by Luke Mangan’s Salt.

Doris has agreed to share this step-by-step video with Drool friends as her mantra has always been “Practice makes perfect cakes”. She enjoys the camaraderie she shares with people who have the same passion through Drool Cook Club and other baking groups on Instagram.

Here’s her take on the Watermelon Cake.

Full recipe here.


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