About Drool

About Drool

Droo! www.droolsg.com is a platform that brings together individuals with a shared passion for cooking, baking,
eating and chatting about food. The community of like-minded homechefs constantly cook-create-connect to inspire one another through shared recipies and tips

Following the success of the Drool Potluck parties, we now launch the Drool Kitchen featuring themed private dinners in home setting – perfect for meeting new friends or catching up with old friends over good food, long and long-overdue conversations

Diana Loo  |  Founder @droolcookclub

Diana is a self-taught cullinary extraordinaire has more that 35 years of experience in home-cooking and hosting private dinner parties. while she learns from cooking classes, Youtube videos and cookbooks, she enjoys putting her own spin to recipies and finds satisfaction in exploring and experimenting with techniques and ingredients

Email: diana@droolsg.com
Mobile: 9688 3966 (Diana) / 9763 5483 (Anastasia)
Instagram: @droolcookclub | Facebook: Droolcookclub