The Drool Story


Welcome to Drool where we cook, create and connect!

Drool is a special webspace created by self-taught culinary extraordinaire Diana Loo. Diana has more than 35 years of experience in home-cooking and more recently, in hosting private dinner parties where she caters her delectable creations.

“Food, to me, is relational, so it is pivotal to the way in which I express creativity, love, care and hospitality. In short, I love food and I love collecting recipes and sharing interesting food finds. I am excited that here, at Drool I get to combine all these passions. The more I experiment, the more I realise I need a place to chronicle my journey.”

This website captures observations and experiences with food, which include tasting, cooking, recipe testing and reviews of food products or ingredients chanced upon both here at home and during travels – at markets, restaurants or anywhere where food is served.

As you follow Drool, we trust you too will be inspired to keep trying new cooking styles to derive for yourself that deep satisfaction of time well-spent in your kitchen. And as you do so, feel free to share your recipes here – the heritage of good food must be passed on to future generations.

Or share your comments and/or ask questions on the relevant posts. We’d love to hear from you.