Blue Velvet Cake @ Buck Tile St Cafe

Red Velvet? Over-rated. Buck Tile St Café breathes fresh air into their menu with their new trend in velvet.  What’s different about their Blue Velvet cakes isn’t just the change of color.  Our review on these delicious beauties will tell you what’s new, blue.

The welcoming rustic exterior of Buck Tile St Café is nestled quaintly within Faber Hills Estate, a gem hidden just around Clementi that’s worth travelling for.

Buck Tile Café introduces exclusive, Blue Velvet to their menu – available in cakes as well as their signature Blue Velvet Waffle. The delectable and creamy Blue Velvet isn’t a drastic change from red but what sets it apart from their counterparts is that they are not afraid of experimenting with colors.

The blue hue from their velvety syrup is as aesthetically pleasing as it is tasteful, not only does Buck Tile experiments with blue, it also comes in an array of vibrant colors like yellow, orange and green. The taste teeters from sweet and fluffy, giving the velvet a full-creamy taste that does not over power their bouncy, thick-cut waffles.

The list goes on for any sweet-toothed connoisseur as Buck Tile St Café conjures up their Confetti Blue Velvet Cake, three layered cake doused in a generous serving of frosting that’s frothy and easy to go down. The Red Velvet cake pales in comparison with Buck Tile’s. Unlike its predecessor, the velvety blues of the cake doesn’t cling to your throat but fills you up gently, like a cake should do.

Right now, Buck Tile Café is having an exclusive collaboration with DBS credit or debit card users – spend $30 or more in a single receipt while using the credit card to redeem a free Blue Velvet Waffle with 1 ice cream scoop worth $11.90. All the more reasons to get your sweet fix.


For every weeknight from 7PM till closing it’s $8.90 for soda/tea/coffee + 1 slice of cake.  Usual price for a slice of cake is $7.90, but with $8.90, you get both.  That’s $1 for a cup of latte? Too good to pass!  So to all you Pokemon fans, just the place to hang out – eat blue cake, have a latte and be surprised by your Pokemon friends as we heard that there is a Poke-stop just outside the cafe!


Buck Tile St Cafe
104 Faber Drive
Singapore 129412
Tel : 6566 7058

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