Celebrate the Achievements of Women With Our March #Droolsnaps Challenge

Women are great influencers. Why else would there be an annual International Women’s Day (IWD), a day that celebrates women from all walks – their achievements and their toils.

Regardless their guise – Granny, Mum, Godma, Sis, Sis-in-law, Teacher, best GFF – women inspire us to greatness.

Which woman has inspired you in the kitchen? This IWD, the Mar2017 #droolsnaps challenge invites you to pay tribute to that special lady.

Share a dish passed to you by her or a dish you simply want to dedicate to her. Snap it, pen a dedication and upload your creation hashtaging #droolsnaps and #drooliwday, and of course also hashtag that special lady; she will be thrilled.

#droolsnaps challenge is open to all who loves getting creative in the kitchen. Whether innovating a dish from scratch or simply putting a unique twist on an established recipe, share it at #droolsnaps.

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