Chefs to Follow on Instagram Right Now!

Let’s face it. Instagram is changing the way we cook our food and eat it. Gone are the days of unattractive looking yet delicious food. With this in mind, we round up five chefs from all over Instagram – with an appetizing Instagram feed and food, strong enough to instill hunger in the fullest of people. Read on!

1. David Chang

Thank you @la_barbecue & Alison. You guys are the best. This was an epic day when I first had your Bbq!!

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With over 645k followers, David Chang, the mastermind behind the Momofuku empire is definitely a chef to follow. There’s a reason for the chef’s large following and it’s because he knows how to do food porn…well. The chef’s Instagram feed is littered with a number of slow-mo videos like the brisket action above. We’re getting hungry as we write too!

2. Bobby Flay

Bobby Flay is big on sinful food. The celebrity chef’s Instagram feed is chock full of pizzas, burgers, gravied fries. All sandwiched in between snippets of delightfully exotic cuisine from the chef’s many travels. With 577K followers – follow the chef, if you want to spend the evening hungry and slightly jealous.

3. Chef Edward

Filipino food takes a forefront in Chef Edward’s homage, A.K.A. the Chef’s Instagram feed. Worried that you’ll be craving the chef’s elusive dishes? Don’t fret – you can always try it out over at My Little Spanish Place located at Bukit Timah, where Edward is the executive chef.

Warning: Do not follow if you’re uninterested in exotic Filipino and Spanish flavours. His Instagram might just convert you!

4. Janice Wong

Chocolate ice cream rocks for our next edition of Kyoto garden starting spring #jwdessert #dessert #tokyo

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Janice Wong, the founder, and the brains behind the eclectic restaurant, 2am: Dessert Bar. The Singaporean dessert artist first started her foray into dessert making simply because she wanted desserts to be the highlight of the meal! Hence, her interesting creations and takes on simple dessert ideas. Interesting, no?

5. Willin Low

Lacquered lobster with hern spring roll & lemongrass consommé #willeatnyc

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William Low is proof that lawyers can cook! With over 33.3K followers, the ex-lawyer turned Instagram food chef – and food sensation’s feed will definitely astound your taste buds and food senses! Follow for travel and exotic culinary descriptions. To put it simply – the chef’s Instagram feed is simply divine!

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