Spread the Christmas Joy, Brotzeit Way!

Celebrate the holidays with a traditional German feast this Christmas, at Brotzeit.

Photo Source: Martin Archer, Twitter
Photo Source: Martin Archer, Twitter

Nestled quietly in the heart of the bustling mall, the restaurant provides access to the best of both worlds. You can shop through the hustle and bustle before settling down for a quiet X’Mas dinner with Brotzeit.

Seafood Medley Appetiser
Seafood Medley Appetiser

Our dinner experience began with an appetising Seafood starter; Brotzeit’s Seafood Medley, complete with a serving of breaded prawns on the side to appease our love of fried food.

The appetizer was a pleasant surprise. From the palpable smokiness of the trout to the intangible, sweet-and-spicy, flavour of the horseradish and caramelised lemon cream. Brotzeit’s Seafood Medley platter comes with smoked trout, salmon gravlax, anchovies and prawns with a horseradish dip on the side.

Brotzeit X'Mas Platter
Brotzeit X’Mas Platter

Next up was the main star of Brotzeit’s Christmas menu; the X’Mas platter.

Fit enough to feed up to four ridiculously hungry people. The meat-ladened platter comes with a serving of succulent veal shank, a duo of venison and veal sausages, pork roulade and Brotzeit’s signature pork knuckle.

Meat fiesta not enough to qualm your fevered hunger? Well, the platter also comes with a side of lightly fried potato-almond dumplings, truffle mash as well as a variety of roasted seasonal veggies to complement your meat. Whilst we found the pork roulade to be a little on the tougher side. The knuckle, however, was succulent enough to cut through and devour.

Both pork mains skyrocketed to our favourite dish of the day thanks to the apt crispness of the skin. Perfect when paired with the tender, roasted meat.

Braised Veal Shank with Truffle Mash
Braised Veal Shank with Truffle Mash

Brotzeit’s slow cooked veal shank was also noteworthy. The juicy shank was so tender and succulent, it took no effort for us to tear it apart before indulging in it. The tender meat also provided that perfect “melt-in-your-mouth” sensation. Definitely a must-try when visiting the restaurant!

To complete our gastronomical delight, we ended our Christmas feast with a plate of traditional waffles served with chocolate sauce, dried fruits, and the best walnut ice-cream Singapore has to offer. A single scoop is definitely not enough to coat three waffle patties.

The dessert plate also came with three different cookies; cranberry, vanilla, and a deliciously snappy cinnamon cookie, for that extra bite at the end of your meal.

To top it all off, we finished our sinful dinner with a cup of warm spiced wine. Freshly mulled, we could definitely taste the hints of cinnamon and orange come through the deep wine flavour. The perfect ending, to a hearty feast.

Tempted? Check out Brotzeit for more details on where to indulge, for, your next X’Mas meal. Available from December 15th onwards.

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