Foodpanda Study Finds Singaporeans Consuming More Halal And Healthier Dishes

foodpanda’s annual food report detailed a number of changes in the way Singaporeans order their food. The study used data compiled over the last two years. Read on to find out more.

Photo: Foodpanda
Photo: Foodpanda

Interestingly, the results dictate that ‘Halal’ food delivery experienced a 57% increase compared to 2016 – a stellar result from the 2016 Halal food initiative launched by foodpanda themselves, making the food delivery website, the first company in Singapore to have dedicated bags labelled “Halal” and “Non-Halal”. And according to a press release by Foodpanda, the study revealed that Halal dishes are the most ordered.


Other interesting developments highlighted in the study was the increase in demand for healthier food options. With more customers moving from fast food in favor of healthier options like salads, soups, and vegetarian dishes. Proving that Singaporeans are favoring healthier food options and more health conscious food trends might be revealed throughout 2017. Additionally, the study also noted an increase in the number of food deliveries made between 12 am to 2 am. Ironic, since customers are notably ordering healthier dishes at unhealthy timings.

“The study shows a huge shift in Singapore’s eating habits. Not only are Singaporeans ordering in more, but they are also opting for healthier dishes – showing that food delivery is no longer the ‘lazy’ fast food option of the past but can now offer a huge selection of dishes that were traditionally only available by going out”, says Aspa Lekka, Managing Director of foodpanda Singapore

With the increase in demand for a variety of dishes and the demand for more late night food deliveries – it should come as no surprise to anyone that foodpanda is choosing to include more eatery options into its 24 hour food delivery.

In other foodpanda related news, foodpanda Malaysia recently announced that the company will start delivering Ramley burgers for as low as RM2 (approx. S$0.60) as part of their #MyNostalgiaRamly campaign, running throughout the month of March.

More information on the promotion here

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