Hooters, More Than Just Beautiful Women

Hooters is back! This time with a new management and a revamped menu to qualm all your wing needs.


America’s restaurant known for booze, wings and boo-beautiful women makes its second debut in Singapore. Now under a new management and a bigger (and spicier) menu, the restaurant sure is trying it’s best to be Singapore’s latest pub for sports, wings, and real good company.

With that being said, let us introduce you to the food:

The fiery chicken wings served with a side of cooling, ranch dressing

If you were lost, broke, and only had one menu option to try, we suggest choosing the mainstay dish Hooters has to offer – the Original Hooters Breaded Wings (12 pieces for S$22). Upon ordering, customers will get to choose their spice levels for a sweet, mild, or tangy wing sauce. If you can stand the heat (unlike us) we suggest ordering the wings with their new Chilli Crab Sauce – for a real kick!

Hooters Chicken Sliders
Hooters chicken sliders served with a side of onion rings

Carb lovers might want to try the buffalo chicken sliders for a heavier appetizer. Served with a hearty portion of crispy onion rings, it’s a dish that will surely help absorb all the alcohol you’re bound to consume at Hooters. Those longing for red meat can opt for the beef sliders instead. Chug the sliders down with a couple of margaritas for a real treat!

And you must try their Long Island Iced Teas if you prefer a stronger kick.

What the restaurant lacks in fancy-schmancy dining menus, they made up for it with the welcoming ambiance and staff. Dining here made us forget that we were amongst strangers – and not friends who have willingly decided to wait, hand and foot for our orders. The hostesses make for a warm welcome – greeting us and playing along with the tipsy ramblings.

The impeccable service at Hooters – The Sail will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on diners. We sure are interested in coming back for more.

Hooters – Singapore
The Sail, Marina Bay
Singapore 018987
Tel: 9188 7352

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