Reduce Your Food Waste With These Apps

Food waste is a growing problem in many developed countries like Singapore. According to Zero Waste, around 790,000 tonnes of food waste was generated in Singapore back in 2015. This includes blemished farmed food yet to make their way to the plate. With this in mind, and the growing trend of accepting “ugly” produce, we recommend a number of different food waste apps to help you reduce food wastage.

1. USDA Food Keeper

Keep track of your fresh produce with the USDA Food Keeper app. The easy-to-follow application is designed to keep track of the contents of your fridge. Users can select from settings like, “soft greens” or “meat” for the app to calculate the exact dates your fresh produce will expire. It doesn’t get any simpler than that!

The application is currently available on the Google Play store and iOS store for free.

2. Wise Up on Waste

This European based app will definitely turn your kitchen life around. Described as a “convenient food tool” for your kitchen, the app helps users to identify when and where most of their food waste is generated from. Users will simply have to key in the food waste produced every night and sort them into three different categories: spoilage (unused stock), preparation (generated as part of the cooking process), and consumer plate waste (returned cooked food uneaten by a guest or the user themselves).

With this information, the app will instruct and inform the users on methods they can undertake to save 20% or more of their future food waste. The app is currently available on Google Play and iOS store for free.

3. 11th Hour

Singaporean hawker entrepreneur, Tan Jun Yuan, decided to take it upon himself to reduce the amount of food waste seen in hawker centres daily. His solution? To create an app called the 11th Hour, that shows users discounted menu items left by restaurants, cafes, and eateries available at the end of the day. According to The Guardian, the app has since been downloaded more than 10,000 times. Now available on Google Play and iOS.

4. Leftover Swap

Can’t stand to look at those bulk buy tomatoes you purchased on special? Have too much of something? Well with Leftover Swap, you can swap what you have with produce that you need. Simply take a photo of the food item that you have and upload it onto the app. They’ll let you know when someone is interested in your tomatoes or even your homemade Assam Laksa. Sounds interesting?

Curious how you too can help save food waste? Check out our monthly ‘Leftovers to Nextovers’  feature for more. Know other food-saving apps? Let us know down below. 

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