A Ding-Dong Affair!

18 May 2017

The last time we had a chance to savour the new menu from Ding Dong was in July 2016.  Some of the dishes on that menu were quite unforgetable I must say!  So we were looking forward to coming back again. Ding Dong Restaurant is well-known in the local dining scene for its innovative and playful … Continue reading “A Ding-Dong Affair!”

Straits Times Life – Singapore Cooks!

12 Jun 2016

Originally the interview session was to demo a healthy dessert to share with Straits Times readers for their Sunday Life section but it ended up there were more interest in what I do and how I use essential oils to enhance my health and in my cooking! Read more about it here.

Poached pears.

02 Jun 2016

This is a simple and delightful dessert which goes swimmingly well with vanilla ice-cream ( home made, no less )
(Recipe adapted from http://bakingwithblondie.blogspot.sg)

Camouflage Print Butter Cake

19 May 2016

I was invited by a homebakers group on instagram to join a baking upload of an animal print butter cake. There was supposed to be a technique on how to layer your batter that we should follow but somehow I didn’t manage to follow the instruction precisely and I ended up with an accidental creation! A cake that looked like it was especially made for an army party!

Old School Cream Puffs

16 May 2016

This cream puff does brings back fond memories of my childhood.  We used to enjoy these from Chin Mee Chin Confectionery, one of the very few old school coffee shops left.  Cream puffs, egg tarts, pineapple tarts and their onion buns were ever so popular then.  They are freshly baked every morning and if you don’t go early enough, they will be sold out.  And my mum will always ensure she gets there early to bring home a box of these for our breakfast or tea.  Yup, that was how she expresses her love for us….through these yummy fresh puffs!