Tea-Lightful Afternoon with Drool and Friends!

Sat, 18 June was a tea-lightful afternoon for the 30-odd Drool & friends who gathered at the Bosch Experience Centre to share their tea-inspired culinary creations.

We tasted close to 30 different creations, some sweet, some savoury but all amazingly creative. The ingenious bakes were made with a wide range of blends from the familiar Earl Grey and Lavender, to those less so, such as Rooibos Tiramisu, Lapsang Souchong, Ginger & Lemon, Oolong Milk Tea and more.

The savoury concoctions were no less imaginative – from Lavender rice with raspberry chicken, Smoked lapsang souchong chicken, Sencha soba sashimi, Spring rolls as well as the Korean specialty GuJeolPan with Oriental sencha tea.

We were also treated to a cooking demo by chiffon master baker Susanne Ng, author of “Creative Baking: Chiffon Cakes” who demonstrated a step-by-step of her oh-so-cute Mt Fuji Lavender Chiffon Cake Pops.

Cooking tips were exchanged, people connected and new friends made. By the end of it all, the consensus was: there isn’t anything else we would rather do on this Saturday afternoon!

We picked our top 3 winners, voted by all our participants.

Genevieve Lee    – Earl Grey Swiss Roll with Poached Pear Filling
Andrea Chai        – Sashimi Cha Soba
Young                    – GuJeolPan with Oriental Sencha Tea Leaves

Each walked away with generous prizes sponsored by Newby Teas.

Finally, leaving the best to the last – a special word of thanks to our kind sponsors behind yet another successful Drool event: Bosch, our event sponsor and our goodie bag sponsors Newby Teas, AnnaBella Patisserie, Baking Blocks, The Hunters’ Kitchenette, Teathos, Wild Nibs and Zatayayummy.  Also grateful acknowledgement to Bakers of Singapore our event collaborator for June, who helped organized the fabulous goodie bags.

Also, be sure to join us at our next Drool Potluck Tea Party happening on Sat, 20 August 2016.  With a theme like Hot & Spicy, you’d miss it at your own risk!  And to our ever creative bunch of bakers, we are looking forward to be surprised by your version of a hot spicy bake?  Is that even possible?  🙂

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